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Why Honeywick Hosting?
  • Focused on Microsoft Developers
  • The most reliable hosting platform available
  • Highest performance servers
  • Latest .NET technology
  • World-Class Datacenter
  • FAST: Multiple, Redundant, Gigabit Connections
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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If you’re looking for services linked to the following keywords, you’ve definitely come to the right place:

  • ASP hosting
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  • Frontpage web hosting
  • ASP.NET hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • SQL server hosting

At you’ll find a range of innovative and advanced ASP.NET hosting and SQL server hosting services. We pride ourselves on being leaders of the industry and are always ready to tackle new challenges and broaden our horizons. We believe that our clients can look forward to top quality hosting services at reasonable prices. We’re proud of our commitment, passion, reliability and impressive development skills – and we do our best to ensure that each and every customer is 100% satisfied with our fantastic


The data center is the hub of our ASP hosting, NET hosting, Frontpage web hosting, ASP.NET hosting, Windows hosting and SQL server hosting enterprise. We’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure that this is a secure environment with state-of-the-art equipment. With an advanced design methodology and our specific attention to both physical and network security, we’ve come up with the ‘Fort Knox’ of all hosting services.

The data center has the following top-notch features:

  • Complete system redundancy (zoned cooling, redundant power, and fire suppression systems)
  • Top-of-the-range physical security (biometric identity verification, zoned access, and monitoring)
  • Innovative network security (intrusion detection monitoring and multiple VLAN segmentation)
  • All access points are video recorded 24/7
  • Security glass, reinforced door frames, walls and ceilings at all entry points


You might wonder why you should choose us for your ASP hosting, NET hosting, Frontpage web hosting, ASP.NET hosting, Windows hosting and SQL server needs. The team is made up of certified Microsoft developers and engineers, so we really understand the needs of our clients. We are fully determined to provide our clients with the latest and greatest Microsoft technologies, so we are always one step ahead of any other competitors

We guarantee that your web application will experience outstanding performance when it is hosted in our data center. At our main aim is to ensure that our customers are given a pathway to success.

We won’t expect you to settle for just any hosting solution. At we have various options available. We understand that our different clients will have different needs and budgets, which is why we have come up with several flexible products for them to use.

Please feel free to browse our site and find the hosting solution that is best suited to your own personal needs.