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For all new and current customers with annual web hosting purchase! Data Center
The data center has been engineered using the latest design methodologies, including state-of-the-art design specifications in Security, Heating and Cooling, Uninterruptable Power and Fire Suppression. Our facility utilizes a zoned cooling design specification, with hot aisle / cold aisle strategy between cabinet rows. This layout creates an environment that is conducive to maximum efficiency for our HVAC systems, and leads to cooler servers which in turn translates to cooler, more reliable equipment operation.
Our zoned fire suppression system utilizes clean dry agents, and redundant, conditioned power sources. This combination offers you the best practices in data center design and management available today.
With an emphasis on physical security as well as network security, we have designed our data center facilities to be as secure as possible against unauthorized access, theft, fire and other physical threats. The physical security of our data center and offices is monitored 24/7 via biometric technologies, CCTV and physical alarm systems.

Our Data Center features:
Complete system redundancy including zoned cooling, redundant power, and fire
   suppression systems.
State-of-the-art physical security including biometric identity verification, zoned access,
   and monitoring.
State-of-the-art network security including intrusion detection monitoring and multiple
   VLAN segmentation.
All access points are video recorded.
Security glass, reinforced door frames, walls, and ceilings at all entry points Racks of Dell PowerEdge Servers Racks of Dell PowerEdge Servers Locked Networking Cage Locked Networking Cage

Physical Security
At, we utilize a layered security approach in order to insure the highest level of security and confidence in the integrity of our datacenter environment.

Our Layered Security Infrastructure includes:
 Layer 1: Proximity card access with PIN is required to enter the building.
   Note: at this point, You are not yet in the data center.
 Layer 2: Proximity card access with Biometric (fingerprint) scan is required
   to enter the data center.
 Layer 3: All hardware is secured in a locked cage or steel mesh cabinets
   fitted with combination locks.
 Layer 4: Video surveillance cameras are placed throughout the facility and
   monitored by on-site staff 24x7x365.
 Layer 5: Strategically placed vibration detection devices alert personnel of any motion. Security - Proximity badge card reader Security
Proximity badge card reader Security - Reinforced, locked entrance to DataCenter Security
Reinforced, locked entrance to DataCenter Security - Biometric Finger scanner and Passcode Validation Point Security
Biometric Finger scanner and
Passcode Validation Point Security - Locked cabinets DataCenter floor Security
Locked cabinets on datacenter floor Security - Reinforced security glass, Network Operations Center Security
Reinforced security glass,
Network Operations Center Security - PZT cameras, DataCenter Floor Security
PZT Cameras, DataCenter Floor
Uninterruptable Power
At, Our datacenter is engineered with redundant, uninterruptable power systems and backup generators to deliver a seamless power transfer in the event of a grid power failure. In the event of a city grid power failure, our isolated UPS system will provide immediate backup power until our diesel generators take over and deliver continuous operation to the datacenter equipment. This computer-controlled process occurs immediately, with no fluctuation in power quality to the datacenter facility and equipment. Power - 2 MegaWatt Generator Power
2 MegaWatt Diesel Generator Power - UPS Power Distribution Unit Power
UPS Power Distribution Unit
Redundant HVAC Systems
At, Our datacenter is engineered with redundant HVAC systems to insure proper heating and cooling of all datacenter equipment. These systems monitor and control the temperature and humidity in the datacenter in order to insure a consistent operating environment for our equipment. HVAC - Liebert Systems HVAC Temperature and Humidity Controls HVAC - Locked area, DataCenter cooling system first floor HVAC - Locked area,
DataCenter cooling system first floor
Fire Suppression
At, Our datacenter utilizes Dry Fire Suppression systems that can be deployed manually or automatically by a sequence of failures within the datacenter zone. Our DataCenter utilizes VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Analysis) systems which scan air samples continuously using lazer-scanning compartments. In the event of a smoke detection a fire alarm is sounded and the clean dry chemical fire suppression system is activated until the threat of fire is eliminated. VESDA Fire Suppression Monitor VESDA Smoke Detection And Fire Suppression Monitor Fire Suppression System VESDA Smoke Detection And Fire Suppression System Fire Suppression System - HFC-125 Fire Suppression System Utilizes Clean Dry Chemical HFC-125
Network Diagram
Our Network starts with three Tier-1 connections to the Internet, via multiple Gigabit internet backbone uplinks directly to Tier-1 providers.
Crucial in multiple network connections is the Border Gate Protocol, which gives our routers instant updates on the current status of all of our internal and external network routes, and the router selects the best route to follow.

2 The core routers are carrier class, top-of-the-line Juniper systems. They provide multiple high speed data connections to the Internet for our interior routers.
Open shortest path first (OSPF) routing is a protocol that lets our routers communicate on what is the fastest route out of our network. If a circuit or router fails, this protocol allows the routers to know the road map of the currently active network, and the best path is chosen based on this real-time data.

3 Virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP) in the routers and switches. This protocol creates a virtual router that switches control on our core network. If a router or switch fails, then the other ones picks up where the failed equipment left off, with virtually no lag and no dropped packets. This gives us a gateway for our servers even during maintenance periods.
Virtual local area network (VLAN) switching prevent computers from seeing each other on our TCP/IP network between different environments within our DataCenter. This provides our networks with another level of security by physically and virtually isolating our data environments.

4 Multiple Juniper / Netscreen Firewalls perform Stateful Inspection of network traffic to insure your data is Fast, Safe, and Secure.

5 Ultimately, your data is always safe, fast, reliable, and secure. utilizes best-in-class Dell PowerEdge Servers with Dual/Quad Intel Pentium processors, Error-Correcting-RAM (ECC SDRAM), and SCSI Hard Drives in a RAID-5 Configuration for speed and redundancy. Our powerful application servers insure that we have the processing power necessary in order to make the internet work for you. Network Diagram Network Diagram - Infrastructure Network Diagram - Multiple Facilities Network Diagram - Multiple Facilities

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